The “Cruzadito Cerrado” Huarache

I was visiting a dear Huarachero Señor A yesterday and he had a new style to show me. The “Cruzadito Cerrado” which is the closed toe version of the “Cruzadito” Huarache shown below.


The upper as with all woven Huaraches is strictly made from one continuous weave of vegetable tanned leather without using glue.



For more of Señor A’s Huarache designs check out my post titled “To Make a HuaracheHERE

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3 Comments on “The “Cruzadito Cerrado” Huarache”

  1. These are some comfortable, airy footwear for the summer or vacationing in warm places.

  2. Bebe says:

    The ‘Cruzadito Cerrado’ is beautiful. Is it possible to contact Sr. A directly or through you via email or post to buy a pair or two?

    • huaracheblog says:

      I will tell him you are interested in ordering the Cruzadito Cerrado. But unfortunately Sr.A doesn´t want new business. You´re one of many to show interest in his work and he´s also been invited to attend craft fairs. But he says that at his age he prefers to work less and not more. Which is also why I think he chooses to remain anonymous.

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