Huaraches in Morelia

Quality Burras from Local 17 at the Mercado Independecia.

Tap dancing Huaraches, how about that..The Little Old Man Dance (Los Veijitos) in Morelia.

Wearing  ‘Árana’ Huaraches, or ‘Spider’ Huaraches as also found in the Museo de Estado of Morelia.

‘El Cajon’ Huaraches used for farming rice.

Notice the heel construction.


2 Comments on “Huaraches in Morelia”

  1. Angel says:

    Yes, I am also interested in mapping all the different regional styles. In my mother’s ranch, sierras Sinaloa, they used to use: guarache de tres picetes-possibly raramuri/acaxee/mayo influence and they also use the x-pattern guarache-recently seen my cousin make one of the x-pattern with the horizontal strap above the toes, made of nylon straps and rings recycled from a backpack. In my father’s ranch, arid Zacatecas, they use these more covered and woven type guaraches-look very aztec, possibly more cactus and spikes in the monte/thorn forest. I once looked hard to buy some nayarit style-or michoacan?? with leather sole and x-pattern with horizontal strap across toes made of “tiritas” or many small laced leather. Reply.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Angel my friend, if you are looking for 3 ‘tiritas’ they make them in Oaxaca also and are called ‘tres cinchos’, in other parts of Mexico they are called ‘tres correas’, is that the same as the ‘tres picetes’ you talk about?
      Without pictures its hard to imagine all the styles you talk about, but they do sound very interesting. You show passion, if you have any good Huarache photos of styles not covered yet on Huarache Blog, let me know and they can be published and credited to you.
      Thanks for the comment!

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