Weaving Practice.

The versatility of underpants elastic.


One Comment on “Weaving Practice.”

  1. Walt says:

    Hola Markus—
    Que milagro!—I mean, in ’77 I scribbled in my notebook and carried around hand-rolled Tri-x film, developing it all months later, lucky to have held on to it all. You just pop into an internet cafe and download, while sipping your Nescafe en polvo… —It was the hand-rolled tabacco, Balkan sobrane & Three Castles, that got stares and prompted explanations. If you’re making huaraches out of your underwear today, you’re either having the time of your life, insane, or, not unreasonably, both. Via con Pie… Great photos and travelogue so far. I am, of course, beside myself with jealousy, but must return to proofing a Japanese science paper. You keep your eyes open and us enthralled. Hasta la vista, zapatero…

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