Huaraches in Sahuayo.

El Saran de Sahuayo is a great Huaracheria, right beside the cathedral in Sahuayo. El Chepete and Ignacio were very helpful in explaining all the various names of Huaraches.

This design is called the Petatilo.

Its one of the most labor intensive Huaraches.

The Sahuayo Huarache, or `Cinco Picaduras´.

The Garbancillo.

The Quattro Vueltas.

The Piguano.

A Quattro Vueltas with car tire sole.

The Spiga.


7 Comments on “Huaraches in Sahuayo.”

  1. carla says:

    I am so frustrated, I’ve been searching for the piguano style hauarache for a couple of years now.I had a pair back in the 70’s and ended up lossing one of them at a party.I was so bummed. I’m thinking I might have to take a trip to the central part of Mexico if I ever wish to get a pair but I am kind of frightened to do that since all the negative press about safty issues in the country of Mexico

    • huaracheblog says:

      Carla, jump on a plane to Guadalajara, visit the central Mercado San Juan de Dios which sells the greatest volume of Huaraches, including the Pihuamo from the Martinez Huaracheros from Mazamitla. Then take a stroll in Tlaquepaque and see the precious Mexican crafts for sale.
      Mexico is not as dangerous as you think, I have been living here for over 2 years and have taken rickety buses at night, visited remote towns, camped on isolated beaches and never felt threatened. Visiting many cities in the US including the Capital DC would probably be more dangerous than visiting Guadalajara, or even Mexico City. Yet how many people worry about danger when they think of visiting the National Mall in DC for the w-end? I think about all the brawls that happen on a busy Saturday night in England, the bottling and the stabbings, or the soccer related violence and that doesn’t deter tourists from going out at night or going to a soccer game. You could be doing a lot worse in the USA or Europe than walking around Mexico in the daytime.
      As a wandering tourist I often find myself asking for directions, or information and I find that Mexicans are some of the most approachable, polite and gentle people I have met anywhere in the world.
      You could even take the very comfortable (much more refined than Greyhound) Primera Plus or ETN buses from Guadalajara to the peaceful city of Colima that probably also sells Pihuamo Huaraches, or take a day trip to cool pine forest village of Mazamitla for lunch and go directly to the Martinez Huarache workshop (if you like their style). Or take the bus to the enchanting state capital city of Morelia, where there is a beautiful Casa de Cultura selling many beautiful Mexican crafts and whose market is also well stocked of Huaraches. In Morelia I once met American women 70 years old also traveling alone.
      Life is a learning adventure, traveling through Mexico is probably not more risky than camping in the USA, where you can encounter bears, snakes and scorpions. And certainly safer than driving a car anywhere in the USA, or Europe. So jump on a plane, visit beautiful and historical Mexican towns, stay in some beautiful Hotels for under $60 per night, eat some delicious food for the same price as your service tip in the USA, buy Huaraches and return home invigorated in the knowledge that the World and Mexico are amazing and worth discovering.
      Keep meeting good people and learning about the good things.

      • carla says:

        Thank You for the lecture. How ever the prove is in the pudding.Maybe you could pick up a pair for me while your there. 🙂

      • huaracheblog says:

        Funny you should say that, because I will be in and around Guadalajara this week..Visiting some remoter huarache making towns.

      • carla says:

        I’m sure your not in the business of purchasing for people.But I would be very greatful if you could do this for me.If you are intrested I wear a size 9 u.s. womens.I’m wanting the brown piguano style.
        Just let me know how much and were to send the money.Sorry if I seem like a chicken little I wish I were more venturous like you obviously are.:)Thank You Sincerly Carla King Sioux City Iowa P.S. I totally understand if you would rather not.

      • huaracheblog says:

        Sorry, but if I were to get people Huaraches, there would be one less reason for them to come and discover the beautiful country that is Mexico:)

      • carla says:

        right on.

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