Mexico City, Part 2.

At El Borceguí Museum of Footwear, was a small exhibit of Huaraches.

The ‘Pata de Gallo’ thong design is said to be the original Huarache.

The textile Huarache called ‘Teguas’ from Baja, has Jesuit origins. The jersey material however also dries quicker than leather.

A Huarache ‘5 Vueltas’ probably from the Tierra Caliente of Guerrero.

Huaraches from Oaxaca, with the signature pointed toe.

Huaraches from Huetamo, Michoacan.

A woven Huarache from Nayarit, where the coastal population is said to have traded for thousands of years with the Chinese. These natural fibre sandals however are similar to the Spanish Alpargatas Murcianas.

A Japanese Waraji…

Another Japanese sandal called ‘Zori’.

This Mayan Huarache is made for colder climates.

A Huarache from Cuernavaca.


One Comment on “Mexico City, Part 2.”

  1. Walt says:

    Greetings Markus,
    How’s spring in Mexico? Still in the Sierra Occidentales?

    That Mayan sandal you labeled “This Mayan Huarache is made for colder climates.” Remembering the feared fer-de-lance viper (killed an anthropologist a week before I arrived at Tikal), I’m wondering if the tall leather heel is for ‘ankle biters’…

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