Mexico City, Part 3.

While in Mexico City I took  time to visit the big University libraries hoping to learn out about the history of the Huarache. I found out that very little information exists about Huaraches and even about pre-hispanic footwear in Mexico.

The Colegio de Mexico, has the best School of Anthropology in Mexico.

Some images of Aztec footwear, but with no explanation..

Earlier at the Museo de Archeologia Library I found a thesis from 1920, which described how footwear in Aztec culture had much symbolism. Common people wore Agave fibre woven sandals, more important people wore cotton and leather sandals. Only important people could wear sandals in the city, everyone who did would be punished by stoning. Only the religious leaders could wear sandals in the temples. Warriors wore sandals of Jaguar leather and the ruling class had sandals stitched with gold wire and covered in precious stones. Its said that Moctezuma wore ceremonial sandals made with a sole of solid gold.

The National Library at the University of Mexico had more info on Huaraches and pre-Hispanic footwear.

A CD-ROM containing infotmation on Oaxacan culture and traditions had some interesting images of Huaraches in Oaxaca which I photographed from the monitor.

These Huaraches come from the Valles Centrales region.

‘Pata de Gallo’ Huaraches from the Sierra Norte.

Huaraches ‘Yalatecos’ from the Sierra Norte.

‘Pata de Gallo’ Huaraches from Nopala on the coast.

Huaraches from Mixteca.

Also the library had a book with a good picture of an Aztec wearing sandals.

I still can’t figure out how Aztec sandals were tied.


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