Huaraches in Sahuayo, Part 2

Back in Sahuayo to learn more about Huaraches, I stopped by Huaracheria Sandoval in the town center near the Cathedral.

The Huaracheria sold some finely made Huaraches.

Remeber that Huarache straps are all woven from one ‘correa’, or strip of leather.

Sandoval also sold some dressier men’s Huaraches.

The men’s Huaraches are made by Artesanias Ochoa in Sahuayo.

So I went to the east side of town to find the ‘Taller’ and learn about fine Huarache making.

Artesanias Ochoa is a Father and Son business. Antonio and Victor joke a lot, I can only understand half of what they say.

More info soon.


4 Comments on “Huaraches in Sahuayo, Part 2”

  1. Sarah says:


    Such a beautiful and informative site you have here! I would love to be able to buy huaraches from Mexico here in Belgium. Do you know if there is a way to order them? There are some very specific huaraches who caught my eye. They are on the picture with 4 different huaraches hanging onto a wall. I am very much interested in the second one from the left. I think the 4th one may be the same? Do you know how this model of huaraches is called? In fact i am a woman, but am more interested in the huaraches for men, as they are more closed, maybe they also make them in smaller sizes. You wrote they’re in the workshop of Antonio and Victor, do you by chance have their contact adress or a telephone number?

    That are quite a lot of questions 🙂 Hopefully i hear from you soon, and again thanks for the wonderfull blog and goodluck with your huarache investigation 😉


  2. elpidio quezada says:

    Cual es el domicilio de estos huaraches?

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