Huaraches in The Museo Universitario de Culturas Populares in Colima

This museum had a good showcase of Mexican Huaraches.

Huaraches from San Luis Potosi on the left and Olinala, Guerrero on the right.


These boot type sandals are called Caites or Ixcatles and they are from Huistan, Chiapas..

There are also ‘Caites’ with higher heel pieces called ‘Talonera’, like these from Zincantan, Chiapas.


Below on the left Zapotec Huaraches from San Antonio Octolan in Oaxaca and on the right Yaqui  sandals from Sonora.


Otomi Huaraches from Toliman, Queretaro.


Huaraches from San Juan de Chamula.

On the right Huaraches from Acatlan, Puebla.


Huaraches from Jesus Maria in Nayarit on the left and Colima on the right.


Huaraches from Colima on the left and Nayarit on the right.



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