Huaraches in Huejuquilla.

Huejuquilla is a little town in northernmost Jalisco, on the edge of the Sierra Madre. Huejuquilla is also the first port of call for many Huicholes heading from their mountain villages to the city in search of work.

This Huarachero told me how he was being forced to close his workshop because there was no longer any demand for his Huaraches. Because almost everyone in Huejuquilla was now wearing shoes both for work and leisure instead of Huaraches.


2 Comments on “Huaraches in Huejuquilla.”

  1. AXE says:


    • huaracheblog says:

      Huarache Blog does not sell Huaraches, but you can buy specific Huarache styles at the main municipal markets mentioned in each post. When you get to the market juts ask directions for the Huaracherias. To find the Huaraches photographed in this post I would recommend you travel in North Jalisco and South West Zacatecas, between the towns of Valparaiso, Mezquitic and Huejuquilla.

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