Huaraches in Colotlan, Jalisco.

Leaving Huejuquilla I stopped in Colotlan a town famous for it’s leather crafts. There I found these ‘Piteado’ sandals. ‘Piteado’ is a Pita or Ixtle fibre embroidery traditionally done on leather and very most commonly on traditional belts and riding saddles.

A Huarachero was nailing down Huaraches to old car tyres.

After the sole is nailed the rough shape is trimmed with a sharp blade. No glue is used to attach the outsole to the Huarache, only nails.

As with all Huaraches, these are also made from a single ‘Correa’ strip of leather that is woven through ‘Portillos’ holes in the topsole.


2 Comments on “Huaraches in Colotlan, Jalisco.”

  1. alfredo arellanes says:

    donde puedo conseguir unos huaraches o comprarlos gracias

  2. Rafael Valdez says:

    Hi, thanks for creating this awesome page about huaraches! I used to own a pair of those brown huaraches from Colotlan. You should go to the other small towns in nothern Jalisco, which are totatiche, temastian, and villa guerrero. They are about 45 minutes away from Colotlan. My dad was from villa guerrero and I usually go there everytime I have vacation time. I like to buy me a pair of huaraches everytime I go there. They’re just so cool!

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