Back to the roots of Huarache making – The Pata de Gallo Huarache

The Pata de Gallo was just one of many Huaraches still missing from my study and arguably the most important one. Because the Pata de Gallo is the original Huarache, the original style that arguably all other Huaraches developed from.

What’s more because of its simplicity its very hard to find for sale because people make their own. This for me is a very interesting because it shows that footwear can also be home made..rather like cooking.

So with the help of Pancho my Huichol friend, thats what I did last Saturday morning…cooked up a “Pata de Gallo” huarache.

I cut up a car tyre, I was told to lubricate the blade with water or saliva to make the cutting easier, basically so that the rubber does not grip to the blade as you cut.

I chose a minimal rectangle design that I had seen on a Huichol woman a few days ago.

3  holes are burnt through each huarache with a hot iron. The holes are usually burnt, not only because power tools, or drills is not typically owned, but also because if you drill the hole it usually closes up again as soon as you remove the drill.

Then the strip of leather is knotted on one end and passed through the hole between big toe and the second toe. When the knot that is on the underside of the sole wears down over time, a new knot is tied and the process repeats itself until the strip of leather becomes too short to wrap around the leg and the strip is then replaced with a new one.


Below is a photo of Pancho and I with my finished huaraches.

And that’s Pancho’s mother who had just been weaving, during the time we made the Huaraches.

For information on the Puebla variant of the” Pata de Gallo” check out my other post HERE


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