Huaraches in Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes is reportedly the geographic center of Mexico. Most Huaraches in this city can be found in and around the Mercado Juarez. Huaraches here come in all shapes and sizes, below is a giant promo one hanging from the ceiling.

Retailers were very kind and available to assist me in my research.

The Aguascalientes Huarache design also known as ‘Alacran’  (Scorpion) has already been covered in previous posts, but these here look the most authentic.

Below is a Huarache design also found in Leon called the ‘Momia’, any guesses why?

There were the ‘Zapadera’ Huaraches.

The ‘Jalpeno’ Huaraches.

There were also many other huaraches for sale at the market from Sahuayo (the center of Huarache manufacture in Mexico) many were not photographed as they have already been covered in previous posts, those that were are new variations on already covered themes.

The ‘Tamazula’ Huarache is similar to the Pachuco with a strap and a riveted front strip.

Another new design similar to the ‘Pachuco’ were these Huaraches hanging high up on the wall.

Along with ‘Cruzado’ Huarache styles, both minimal and complex.

There were braided women’s Huarache designs. Note that like all woven Huaraches these are made using only one single strip of leather (not 3 strips like a usual braid).

This Huarache known as ‘Tres Correas’ is in a childrens size.

One new development is the use of bright colours for men’s Huaraches. Textile, or ‘Jersey’ Huaraches are usually preferred for field work as they dry quicker.


2 Comments on “Huaraches in Aguascalientes”

  1. ext.darkness says:


    I live in Aguascalientes, and would like to know if you remember exactly in which store you took the picture of the alacran huaraches… I’d like to buy that same pair…

    Great blog BTW! I’ve always been curious about huaraches in general, and your documentation is a great thing to have found out! I’ve never owned a pair of huaraches before, but that’s because I feel weird about those… like it’s weird to see someone of my age wearing them (I’m 21)…

    Anyways, thanks for reading 🙂

    Best wishes.

    • huaracheblog says:

      With so many shops in the Mercado Juarez, my guess is a shop near the entrance. Huaraches are to shoes like what bread is to food! Few people can appreciate how authentic Huaraches are, the styles don’t change every 6 months like other shoes. Huaraches are classics and timeless, they will never go out of style, because they don’t follow any seasonal fashion.

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