Oaxaca State Part 1

The State of Oaxaca is a large producer of Huaraches and many original designs. Probably the most famous are the ‘Cincho’ Huaraches that come in 3 versions; ‘Cincho’, ‘Dos Cinchos’ and ‘Tres Cinchos’. The ‘Cincho’ is essentially the same as the ‘Una, Dos, or Tres Correas’, as the design is know in the rest of Mexico. The main difference between the ‘Correa’ and the ‘Cincho’ Huaraches from the ‘Tierra de Juarez’ (Benito) is the pointed sole.

To find the largest selection of ‘Cincho’ Huaraches its probably best to go to one of the main ‘Valle Centrales’ Pueblo markets on market day. The following photos were taken in Tlacolula 40km south east of Oaxaca City on Sunday.

The ‘Cincho’

The ‘Cincho Forado’ is the lined version.

There is also a good selection of Huaraches at the Market at Octolan also. Below is an example of the ‘Dos Cinchos’.

For anyone not wanting to venture out into Oaxaca, there is a small market in the city center with many Huarache styles for sale. For me however the best made ‘Cincho’ Huarches were seen in Tlacolula. Below is an example of the ‘Tres Cinchos’ Huarache design for sale in Oaxaca City market.

Be warned that if you have wide feet the nature of the ‘Cinco’ constructions makes your foot even wider looking.

Tlacolula market also sold the ‘Pala’ Huarache is known for its top piece that is flat like a spade.

These very interesting designs are all asymmetrical.

The ‘Pala’ also has very original markings.


5 Comments on “Oaxaca State Part 1”

  1. Donna Palmer says:

    I would love to purchase some Huaraches like the Jalpeno style on you Huarache blog. I had a pair of these in college and they were the most comfortable shoes I ever owned once I broke them in. Mine were a tannish color of suede and leather-all one color – but the very same style as seen in the photo. My heart leaped with excitement when I saw these. How can I order them? I wore mine until they came apart. I got mine in Tuscaloosa, AL when I was attending the Univ. of Ala. at a little import shop.
    I looked at every website on the internet
    but can’t find any like these. Everyone I
    met loved mine and wanted some but could not
    find any. Hope you can

    • huaracheblog says:

      One of the objectives of Huarache Blog is to show where specific Huarache styles are sold so that anyone interested knows where they can be purchased. Huarache Blog does not sell Huaraches. I would encourage you to visit the markets and towns mentioned on this blog on a visit to Mexico because the rustic Huaraches that you are looking for are usually batch produced in small workshops and are unlikely to be sold on the internet. The Huarache shops are usually quite centrally located in each city and food and accommodation is relatively inexpensive as nice hotel rooms can be found for about $30-$40 per night. Also as size and fit can vary quite a bit, you should try a pair of Huaraches on before you buy.

  2. Becky says:

    My husband is traveling between Mexico City and Atlomulco next month. I love the Cincho and the Pala Huaraches, can you help me where to direct him to find these two styles for me?

    • huaracheblog says:

      Do you mean Atlacomulco? I don’t know that area very well, but unfortunately he won’t find those Huaraches you mentioned there, nor in Mexico City. They are from Central Oaxaca (about 6 hours from Mexico City) and that’s the only place he will find those styles if the local stores there even have any in stock.

      I would suggest one day you accompany your husband and take a short trip to Oaxaca, preferably for a long w-end. Its a very beautiful old colonial city and has a surrounding villages brimming with all sorts of different crafts and many craft tours to take you there. The city center has a similar flavor to Santa Fe and plenty of tourism. Its very easy to get to Oaxaca city from Mexico city, by plane, or many luxury buses with wifi, small TV screens and wide reclining seats comfier than airplanes that leave from the TAPO and Norte bus stations (both bus stations are also very close to Mexico City Airport). I usually travel on them overnight to get that extra half day of sightseeing in.

      For this trip your husband should walk around the center of Atlacomulco and ask where the Huaracherias are. Usually they are inside or around the city market. If there are any Huaracherias at all, there might be some styles you will like. Mexico City has relatively few Huaracherias. I suggest a small Indigenous Huichol store in the impressive crafts market called “Ciudadela” in the center of the City, check out the link HERE. Otherwise in the nice neighborhood of Coyoacan there is an new smarter Huaracheria, check out the link HERE

      • Becky says:

        Thank you for all the information. I need to take the trip you suggested to enjoy the beautiful villages of Oaxaca and hunt for huaraches! Thank you-I enjoy your blog and the photography.

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