Oaxaca State Part 2

The variety of ‘Pata de Gallo’ style Huaraches was greater in Oaxaca than I have noticed in the rest of Mexico.

From Tlacolula.

From Ocotlan.

From the Mercado Juarez in Oaxaca city.

From the Market in Juchitan on the Gulf of Tehuantepec.

Woven styles at the Mercado Juarez in Oaxaca City varied also, most had the signature pointed toe.

Below  is the ‘Seis Pasadas’ design.

A ‘Cruzado’ woven Huarache with the signature pointed toe from the Tierra de Juarez.

Taking photos of Huaraches is usually a quick affair for me. Most sellers don’t understand why I want to take photos, some refuse and others watch dryly as I take photos, probably wondering why I’m not buying anything. I try and take the photos as quickly as possible in whatever light conditions available before the seller changes their mind. Sometimes sellers have stopped me taking photos and suspiciously warned me that there are quite a few lower priced Huarache fakes on the Mexican market imported from abroad.

Some ‘Cerrado’ Huaraches made on what looks like a Cowboy boot last.

The Sunday market in Tlacolula also had great variety in local Huarache styles and not all with the signature pointed toe.

Below is a Huarache sandal that seemed very popular with local women.

These Huaraches start as thick straps and finish as thin woven strips.

These Cacles are a very old design still being made near Tlacolula and probably introduced by the Spanish hundreds of years ago.

Further south in Oaxaca in Juchitan on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec most men wear this Huarache called ‘Banda’ made with thick Polyester webbing straps.

The ‘Banda’ Huarache is derived from the basic ‘Cruzado’ style also sold in the Municipal market in Juchitan


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