Huaraches in Cuernavaca

I arrived in Cuernavaca expecting to find this original Cuernavaca Huarache for sale at the Municipal Market.

Photo borrowed from the Archives and Special Collections, Herrick Memorial Library at Alfred University, New York.

Instead most of the Huaraches for sale seemed to be from Sahuayo and Jojutla.

There were both rustic styles

and dressier styles for sale. This was the first time I saw reduced prices on Huaraches, which was strange because usually the margins on Huaraches are very low. If a Huarache sells for M$140, its probably bought by the retailer at M$100.

Huaraches from Jojutla are quite well made. These below are called ‘Gualupas’, when the heel is closed the similar design is known as ‘Americano’.

Finding these ‘Gualupas’ was a revelation, because I may have found the manufacturing place of origin for the vintage Kroto Huaraches I posted a few months ago.


9 Comments on “Huaraches in Cuernavaca”

  1. Jose Jimenez says:

    Great shoes, tell me how i can buy some of them please

    • huaracheblog says:

      Hi Jose, I agree Huaraches are great.
      Huarache Blog does not sell Huaraches, but you can buy specific Huarache styles at the main municipal markets mentioned in each post. When you get to the market juts ask directions for the Huaracherias.

  2. vic says:

    Oye, disculpa la primera foto que dice que fue conseguido en Cuernavaca en que parte los compraste por que los he buscado y no los he podido encontrar. Saludos

  3. Gabriel says:

    How can I order online? I really love huaraches! I’ve played basketball in mine! Can you do a blog on the most heavy duty huaraches you can find?

  4. Kisiera UNOs huaraches como Los primero blanco con cafe vivo en Los Angeles California kisiera saber sy hay alguna manera de con segirloa

  5. Christian Leal says:

    hey can you get me some of those white huaraches in the second picture. i will payy for them

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