Huaraches; From Rural To Runway

While Huaraches in Mexico are considered footwear for country laborers and most Mexicans seem disinterested in them, Internationally this year and last they have captured the imagination of many.

The ‘woven’ trend that began last year has encouraged International Fashion Houses and Footwear companies, both big and small, High Street and Luxury brands alike to design and introduce woven shoe designs for their 2011 Spring/Summer Collections. From Lanvin the oldest fashion house in the world to Sketchers the most commercial footwear brand, countless product teams and consumers around the world are today being inspired by Huaraches.

What amazes me is how a product like Huaraches can go from being the most basic item of footwear used in the fields, to treading the catwalks in Milan, thus the title “Huaraches; From Rural to Runway”.

To celebrate the current surge of  Huarache inspired footwear I have collected images of some of the most popular Huarache inspired footwear from this 2011 Spring/Summer Season. Please note that Huarache blog does not sell any footwear.

You will notice in the following images how many designs are clear derivatives of Mexican Huaraches (many already posted on this blog), while others only borrow a few details. I hope this seasonal interest in Huaraches from International companies and consumers marks the beginning of a new positive chapter for the Huarache Craft and Industry in Mexico. I hope that any Huaracheros visiting this blog can be inspired as they don’t have the means to go on market research trips abroad as other footwear professionals.

By far my favorite woven and Huarache inspired design this season is Giuseppe Zanotti’s for Thakoon Woven Leather Edge Pumps. Notice how in true Huarache style the upper has been woven into the sole.

The Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon, Open Toe Leather Bootie.

Lanvin has also shown a good understanding this season of ethnic footwear styles and details. Where did the designers in France learn about the woven side lace that binds all the leather sandal strips as it is a very rare detail in traditional Huarache footwear. With so little published about Mexican Huaraches, if Lanvin footwear design has a book that includes Huaraches, Huarache Blog would be very interested in finding out about it or publishing new images of Huaraches from it.

Lanvin, Woven Wedge.

Lanvin, Cross Strap Sandal.

Givenchy has designed some elegant Huarache inspired woman’s sandals and boots.

Givenchy, Woven Strap Lattice Boots.

Givenchy, Woven Wedge Shoe.

Givenchy, Woven Lattice Boots.

Givenchy has also taken the concept of weaving leather a step further by weaving into the strips of the sandal to create a rich textured upper in 3 styles.

Givenchy, Woven Leather Heels Boots.

Givenchy, Woven Leather Kitten Heels.

Givenchy, Woven Gladiator Sandals.

Givenchy, Gladiator Leopard Flat Woven Sandals.

Ralph Lauren has also introduced a few Huarache designs including the ‘Pachuco’ style and many Huarache inspired woman’s sandals.

Ralph Lauren Collection, Blanca Harachi Woven Leather Sandal.

Ralph Lauren Collection, Maleena, Shelley and Abadan Sandals.

Ralph Lauren, Farima, Mark and Aviemore Sandals.

Ralph Lauren, Skylar.

I had never heard of Tory Burch, but her design team has skillfully designs a number of woven Huarache sandals for women. The design team also has a good understanding of ethnic footwear designs.

Tory Burch, Kelton.

Tory Burch, Tevray.

Tory Burch, Lottie.

Tory Burch, Anaya.

And the inspiring Tory Burch, Wrap Up Sandal.

Frye Boots from Long Island, USA has been making ‘Pachuco’ inspired sandals for quite a few seasons. Although not ‘True’ woven Huaraches as the leather is not woven into the sole, Frye Boots deserves recognition for being one of a very few international brands investing in Mexican traditions and skill by manufacturing these designs in Mexico.

The Woman’s Jacey.

And the Man’s version, Lawson.

A Huarache Slide, Jacey Slide and Zoe Woven Thong.

Delias also sells an original ‘Pachuco’ inspired sandal that uses multi-coloured strips to bring this traditional Huarche style to life. The Delias, Rebels Harem Sandal Below.

Please enjoy some of the best woven and possibly Huarache inspired designs for Spring/Summer 2011.

Dirty Laundry by Chinese Laundry, Charisma.

American Eagle, Regis Sling Huarache.

Blowfish, La Playa Huarache.

Lucky Brand, Kisa.

Clarks, Pacomo.

Michael by Michael Kors, Sol, Gianna, Huarache Slide and Huarache Sling.

BSBGirls, Damara.

Miss Sixty, Sara Woven Sandal.

Fossil, Harmony Wedge Huarache.

Guess, Nail.

Lovely People, Hera.

B.Makowsky, Ane Woven Sandal.

UGG, Nayami Gladiator Sandals.

Diane Von Furstenberg, Kourion.

Diane Von Furstenberg, Tubular High Heels.

Michael Antonio, Spence.

Sigerson Morrison, Huarache Boots, Huarache Wedges and Huarache Sandals from 2007

L.A.M.B, Dakota.

Bottega Veneta, Woven Patent Leather Sandal and Woven Patent Leather Ankle Wrap.

Sergio Rossi, Dakota.

Boutique 9, Yashi Huarache Pumps.

N.Y.L.A, Woven Sandal.

Irregular Choice, Funk A Delico Wedge. To give credit where credit is due, this design seems inspired not by Huaraches but by Indian Kolhapuri woven sandals. A design where the upper is attached to the sole by many knotted strips of leather.

All Saints, Hestia Shoe.

Miista, Naia.

Sam Edelman, Saville Woven Wedge.

Pour la Victoire, Woven Sandal.

Pour la Victoire, Maressa Flat Huarache Sandal.

Modern Vintage, Mirror Woven Sandal.

K Jaques, Jalama.

Steve Madden, Krosby.

Joie, All Over You Huarache.

Sketchers, Endless Wedge Huarache.

Last but not least Chubasco a San Diego Brand making Huaraches in Sahuayo, Maexico. The Huarache designs below are made with what is called ‘Jersey’ in Mexico, it is a polyester lace and makes the Huaraches very comfortable and colourful.


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