Huaraches at the Mercado San Juan De Dios in Guadalajara.

The main market in Guadalajara, San Juan De Dios probably sells the largest quantity of Huaraches than any other place in Mexico. The Mercado was my first stop in Mexico when I began this blog last year and a few weeks ago I decided to stop by and see if there were any new Huarache designs for sale.

A year on and I would say the quantity of Huaraches for sale has doubled and the quality seems to have improved also. I asked a Huarachero friend at the market about this and he agreed with me; “Huaraches have become much more popular this year”.

The Mercado mainly sells Huaraches from Sahuayo, but also many from different parts of Jalisco, almost all have already been covered on this blog.

There is a Huarache for almost everyone at San Juan De Dios.

With prices ranging from between MX$150 and MX$200 I was surprised to find this pair of fine Huaraches selling for MX$500. Called the ‘Cien Clavos” as usual the retailer would not tell me where they came from. But I was later told that they might be from Mazamitla and the Huarahero typically sets up a stand in front of the main church on Sundays..


6 Comments on “Huaraches at the Mercado San Juan De Dios in Guadalajara.”

  1. Benjamin says:

    But why the increase on sales? Interesting.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Oh this blog reaches many people didn’t you know:))

      I hope that the real reason is that with all the branded product surrounding us, people (especially youth) are searching for more authentic hand made footwear. Huaraches are just that and they are also very easy to find and buy in Mexico especially in Guadalajara.

      Kind of like home cooking, you can only eat fast food for so long..

  2. Benjamin says:

    Would be nice if they combined their technique with some new technology…

    I have a lot of problems to buy footwear, ‘cuz my feet are really wide and also long (12 US)… imagine how hard it becomes at times to find something that I like, confy and lasting… just quite impossible. My Vans fit me great, but they make my stub hurt… I bought some Flexi fisherman sandals (somehow similar to alacran huaraches, but not a lot) but they aren’t long enough and also hurt my stub, and if I wear them to tight from the backstrap they actually make my skin bleed where it makes contact because all of the forced rubbing… I also have some Flexi shoes, but I can only wear them for a couple of hours or my feet starts to hurt… the only shoe I’ve found to work out nice for me is Crocs, but I don’t like it when stones get into them… and I’d try huaraches, but then we have to come back to the fact that they’re not wide enough for me… maybe if I could get them to be custom made :S

    • huaracheblog says:

      Oh yes, the technique is the key. With the technique you can make alot of different designs. Most Huaracheros however have little money to buy innovative and technical soles, or time to invent new Huarache designs.

      Looks like you need a longer and bigger size shoe if they make your stub hurt. Or an open toe sandal/Huarache.

      Its very difficult to find Huaraches bigger than size 10 and you are right many Huaraches are a little narrower than other shoes. Some Huaracheros can make them wider though, so ask around. However be warned that Huaraches are simple footwear and not made for comfort, especially in the first few weeks when the natural leather can be a bit stiff. Of course Huaraches should not be uncomfortable either, but if its comfort you are looking for Crocs are probably your best option.

  3. Donna Palmer says:

    I had a pair of these in college and were the most comfortable shoes
    I ever owned!!! How can I order these?

    • huaracheblog says:

      Huarache Blog is an information resource about Huaraches. To buy Huaraches I would recommend you visit the markets that sell the Huaraches you like on Huarache Blog. In this instance for example you should visit Guadalajara which is a beautiful and friendly city to visit and where the famous Mercado San Juan De Dios is located. You can order Huaraches online, but the fit might not be perfect which is why you should travel to the markets and try before you buy. If however you cannot travel try doing a search for Huaraches on, or Mexican Sandals on, or try

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