Un Gran Senor Mexica – A Photographic Insight Into Pre-Hispanic Footwear.

Physical examples of  footwear from the great Mexican pre-Hispanic civilizations are as far as I know are non-existent, unfortunately graphic examples on murals and illustrations in Codexes are our best resource for learning about most pre-Hispanic footwear.

Learning about the past to understand the present is important. So just as the last few posts have put Huaraches in a historical context by examining old photographs of Huaraches this next photo presents pre-Hispanic footwear in similar context.

Below is a photograph taken at a very good photographic exhibition called ‘Testimonios de una guerra. Fotografia de la Revolucion Mexicana’ at the Museo Regional de Historia in Aguascalientes. The photograph shows a man in Aztec costume during the main parade to celebrate 100 years of Mexican Independence in 1910.

Where Huaraches originated from is unclear, but its quite possible that the ‘Pata de Gallo’ evolved from this kind of Aztec sandal called ‘Cactli’. Maybe this photo bridges some of the unknown gap between pre-Hispanic footwear and Huaraches.

If readers know of any physical examples of pre-Hispanic Mayan, Aztec, Totlec, Zapotec or Tarascan footwear don’t hesitate, please let Huarache Blog know and write me a comment on this post. As always thank you for reading Huarache Blog.


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