Vintage Huaraches

Every now and then the search for vintage Huaraches brings up some incredible designs such as these from Vintage Virtuosa.

Notice the tacks on the sole as was once commonly done for added grip. This detail seems to have been left behind by Huaracheros because although it provided grip and reduced wear to the sole the Huaraches it also made a loud noise when walking. The tacks are called ‘Garbancillo’ in Mexico.

In English Garbancillo is known as Hobnail, or Boot Stud. They were commonly used on leather soles for outdoor use up until maybe the 1950’s. Today they are still used on army boots during some marching parades.

The sole is 3 layers of leather thick, the top layer for the weaving and the bottom layer for the ‘garbancillo’ tacks.

The origin of these Huaraches is unknown, but the style is similar to Huaraches found near Cuidad Guzman in Jalisco, Mexico.


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