Huarache Inspired Men’s Fashion Footwear.

Since the post ‘Huaraches; From Rural To Runway’ last June its clear that also men’s  fashion footwear this 2011 summer season is showing Huarache inspiration. Below are just a few examples from the internet.

The original Jeffery Campbell Huarache from a few seasons ago (Summer 2009) is still very popular this season.

Similar to these Hush Puppies Huaraches from 1987.

The back of the photograph has this text:-

Armando Cabral has designed a similar Huarache with a cupsole.

French company Hixsept has another Hush Puppies inspired multicoloured Huarache the Colaba.

Asos is doing some interesting woven designs.

The Asos Woven Leather Shoe in brown.

And in black.

The Asos Woven Oxford which was designed as a collaboration with Officine Creative.

And the Asos Woven Derby also designed by Officine Creative.

Another interesting design is the Woven Shoe from Santo Domingo Boots Co. part of MEG Company (the only design in this post made in Mexico!).

Lastly some bright vintage Huaraches.


6 Comments on “Huarache Inspired Men’s Fashion Footwear.”

  1. FineTuxedos says:

    I hope to come back often to take a look at what your latest ideas and opinions are on this ever changing niche of fashion.

    Men’s fashion has started to become as competitive, or maybe more so, than women’s. The designs are as varied and distinct as the individuals that wear them. Currently it’s not very difficult for the men now to find what they really enjoy, in addition to what fits their personality. Your site has provided some appealing items for consideration in the world of men’s fashion.

  2. MIKE Z says:

    So where can I buy some of the fine examples pictured above???

    • huaracheblog says:

      On the internat…Note that on the web, retailers and inventory change all the time, so try a Google search for the styles you like to find online retailers that have them in stock.

  3. soraya says:

    I have been looking for the 2009 Jeffrey Campbell Huaraches but can not find them

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