Another Kind of Pata De Gallo Huarache.

Here is an interesting poster at one of the butcher stalls at the Mercado Merced in Mexico City.


2 Comments on “Another Kind of Pata De Gallo Huarache.”

  1. christina says:

    such a fantastic blog you have! love it so much and thank you for the great recommendations in DF! can’t wait to check them out as the huaraches i have are badly beaten up, need some new ones desperately!

    • huaracheblog says:

      Thanks! Just be aware that because at times Huaracheria inventory is small, it can be hit and miss finding the style you want and then your size ( as it might be sold out). On the positive side there are always new styles coming in, so you might find a style you like that you have never seen before.

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