Where to Buy Huaraches in Mexico City.

A few readers have in the past asked Huarache Blog where they could buy Huaraches in Mexico City? Such a big city makes it hard for Huaracheros to venture to the central markets to sell their product. However there are a few places in the center of Mexico City that sell Huaraches. I have so far found 3 Huaracherias, all about 5 blocks from the Zocalo in Mexico City. If any reader knows of other Huaracherias in Mexico City please add a comment on this post to let everyone know.

The first Huaracheria is at the Mercado de Granaditas located north of the Zocalo and opposite the Lagunillas Metro station. The Mercado de Granaditas is a shoe only market and has one Huaracheria in the far right had corner. Readers should be aware that the Mercado Granaditas is located very close if not inside the infamous Barrio called Tepito, so be sure to dress down if you go there. The streets around the market are your typical busy market streets and its unlikely that during the day you will be hassled, at least I wasn’t. Like in most places in Mexico there were calls of “pasale güero” and not to brag, also a few ‘piropo’ calls of “Guapo”, but nothing more.

Huaracheria Cuernavaca inside Granaditas specializes in Huaraches for traditional Mexican dances, thus with wooden soles, but also has a few interesting designs which the owner Senor Alegria was very helpful in showing me.

Like these coloured ‘Cerado’ Huaraches for women.

This Oaxaca style ‘Cruzado’ with carved details from Sahuayo.

A ‘Tamazula’ and other designs…

Some dancing sandals.

The second Huaracheria is a small stand at the far end of the shoe section of the Mercado Merced. Enter the Mercado from the Metro Station, or opposite the Pasaje San Pablo and keep going until you reach the end of the shoe section, then its probably best to ask for ‘La Huaracheria’.

The third Huaracheria is very close to the Mercado Merced and located on Calle Republica de Uruguay 205 L, just off the Eje 1 Ote (Anillo de Circunvalacion).

Zapateria Fraga has quite a good selection of Huaraches from all over Mexico.

Like this fine pair of ‘Pachuco’ Huaraches from Sahuayo.

There are many Huarache designs from Nayarit, like these with the ‘Petatillo’ design.

These Huaraches are from Guerrero.

Which are similar to the Oaxaca style in their decorations.

These ‘Cruzado’ style from the sierra outside Puebla.

And the original ‘Pata de Gallo’, also from the sierra outside Puebla. Notice the asymmetric design with the clean curve on the toe area. The tread is hand carved for traction. This style only goes up to US size 8, probably because the indigenous feet tend to be shorter.


7 Comments on “Where to Buy Huaraches in Mexico City.”

  1. ventura says:

    I want to buy .whole sale

  2. Pam Ripley says:

    I’m looking to buy women’s (U.S.) size 6 huraches. We wore them in high school, and would love to get another pair. Can someone help me find a vendor?

    • huaracheblog says:

      Hi Pam,

      I’m only aware of 2 US based Huarache vendors Brand X Huaraches and Rafael Cavallero Huaraches at the Olvera St. Market in Down Town LA. But there are a few brands like Frye and Tory Burch that also sell a variety of huarache inspired footwear.

      For Mexico based vendors check out Huarache Blog’s Facebook Page HERE and The Huarache Directory HERE.

      Good luck 🙂

  3. hoz49 says:

    We arrived at Mercado de Granaditas on a Monday at 9:30am. As the driver let us out he said, “ten cuidado”, “be careful”. That didn’t encourage my wife.
    Seems we were early, as in almost 2 hours. Though the owners who were opening didn’t know anything about hurraches, they did know Senor Alegria. Most said he would open at 11, “mas or memos”.
    We killed time sitting on a bench outside, watching the market come alive. At 11:15 we walked back to Mr Alegrias stall to find him open.
    He has the goods… And I couldn’t help myself, I bought 2 pair. One a stylish closed toe and the other more a peasant design with quarter inch woven leather.
    Thanks for the tip!

    • huaracheblog says:

      Ha! Welcome to my world. Like you, I was also was warned and arrived too early..In an amateurish attempt appear less nervous, I walked around coffee in hand to alter any intimidated body language. Thanks for sharing!

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