Cuidad Guzman and Tuxpan.

There are a lot of Huarache styles to be found  in and around Cuidad Guzman that is a town in southern Jalisco that still has strong traditions. There are Huaracherias just one or two blocks south of the main Plaza on Marcos Gordoa and Santos Degollado.

One of the main styles of Huarache sold in Cuidad Guzman is called ‘Picado’. The ‘Picado” consists of a cut upper with strips of leather woven through it to create a variety of graphic upper designs.

This design is called ‘Alfajor’

Which also comes tonal. The strip of leather on the tip of the tonal version is called ‘fuerza’ and reinforces the vamp from stretching.

The tonal ‘Alfajor’.

This is an unusual version of the ‘Petatillo’ with diagonal ‘picaduras’

This one is calle ‘Huarana’

And there are some nice rustic huarache designs.

These ones from Sahuayo.

A lot of the Huaraches sold in Tuxpan in Huaracherias around the central Plaza come from Cuidad Guzman, including these women’s woven sandals, called ‘cuadritos’.


3 Comments on “Cuidad Guzman and Tuxpan.”

  1. Raul Gonzalez says:

    Gracias por este hermoso arte

  2. Honorio Herrera says:

    Necesito una carrillera de cuero artesanal, ustedes la pueden hacer??

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