Custom Made Huaraches from Amacueca.

I visited Amacueca having heard of a local Huarachero who makes very fine Huaraches. Amacueca is a very old and charming small town situated between Guadalajara and Ciudad Guzman.

Sur De Jalisco buses from Guadalajara and Cuidad Guzman all stop at the ‘crucero de Amacueca’, an intersection 2km from town. From the ‘crucero’ its a pleasant walk up a tree lined road to the town center. An alternative to walking is being driven by Senor Fajardo who waits by the bus stop to drive people up to the town for 5 pesos.

There are 2 Huaracheros in Amacueca, sadly there used to be 6, the others have all passed away from old age.

Senor Manuel Garcia works one block up from the zocalo at Arista 1. He like many Huaracheros has taken over from his father. He does not sell to markets and instead makes Huaraches to order, or sells the ones he has already made from his shop ‘Taller’. His Huaraches have an interesting detail strip on the heel which is called a ‘gard espuela’ and it is there to stop riding spurs from slipping when people ride wearing Huaraches.

These are called ‘Araña’ or  ‘Cruzado con correa finita’.

These are called ‘Diamante’.

This Huarache is called ‘Cruzado con correa gruesa’.

This Huarache was one his father made and its a very traditional design called ‘3 carreras’.

The senior Huarachero in Amacueca is Senor Marcos Rojas who is nearing 80 years of age. Senor Rojas won many awards for his Huarache making skills and today still makes between 1 and 2 Huaraches per week. This was a pair of ‘Petatillo’ sandals for women he had just finished.

Both Huaracheros in Amacueca work alone with out helpers, which sadly means that when they stop working their craft and knowledge will not be passed on.


3 Comments on “Custom Made Huaraches from Amacueca.”

  1. Raul Gonzalez says:

    Benditos talavarteros que crean estas maravillas

  2. Bee says:

    Do you know how I can order a pair?

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