Huaraches in Sayula.

Sayula is a market town 30 km north of Cuidad Guzman and 12 km south of Amacueca. The town which is famous for its high quality knives also used by Huaracheros to cut the leahter also has  a string of Huaracherias around the market. Huaraches sold here are made in Sahuayo (mostly ‘Pachuco’s’), some from Sayula and many from Atoyac very close to Amacueca.

Below are some Pachuco’s from Sahuayo.

From Sayula.

Two styles from Atoyac, notice the distinct asymmetric toe shapes.


3 Comments on “Huaraches in Sayula.”

  1. Raul Gonzalez says:

    Benditos artesanos por tan chulo trabajo

  2. darky says:

    The huaraches made in Sayula are the best. Unfortunately, in that town lives the latest huarachero, who every week has to travel to Tapalpa and try to sell his product. God save this man.

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