Huaraches in Pihuamo.

Pihuamo is a town famous for its Huarache making traditions. I came across the ‘Pihuamo’ style Huaraches in Colima and there are a few more styles from Pihuamo show on the Colima post. I realize now that even the ‘Tamazula’ style Huarache is inspired from a  design made in Pihuamo called ‘Pihuamo’.

In case there were any Huaraches tourists wondering, there are usually at least 2 hotels in every town I have been to, no matter how small or remote it is.

There are a few Huaracherias around the main Plaza in Pihuamo, but the best is just one block down the hill from the Plaza. Huaracheria Mulita had a good selection and the owner was very friendly and we spoke a while about the tradition of Huaraches.

The ‘Serrado’  style.

The ‘Pihuamo’ style.

And a beautiful ‘Cruzado’ with 14 `vueltas’ (14 strips of leather wide).

Some weaving details from inside the Hyuarache.

And this is how the 14 ‘Vueltas’ compares to a 10 ‘Vueltas’.

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4 Comments on “Huaraches in Pihuamo.”

  1. Raul Gonzalez says:

    Me encanta su trabajo DIOS Los bendiga

  2. Hurtado's says:

    Los mejores huaraches se hacen aqui en pihuamo.

  3. LUIS M DENIZ says:

    yo fui un huarachero de pihuamo por cierto son los mejores y mas BONITOS estilos

  4. How awesome! My family is from Pihuamo. I have a bunch of huaraches from there!

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