Huaraches Cisneros, Un Huarache De Lujo – Luxury Huaraches from Concepción de Buenos Aires.

Salvador and Fernando Cisneros are a father and son team of Huaracheros that  make amongst the finest Huaraches in the world. They work and come from a small town south of Mazamitla called Concepción de Buenos Aires, or Pueblo Nuevo in Jalisco.

Only a few things have changed in this small cobble street town that still retains its old world feel, traditions and lifestyle.

Here is a 1952 photo of Don Miguel Cisnero, father of Salvador and grandfather of Fernando making Huaraches.

30 years ago Don Salvador as he is known in town, did something very few Huaracheros have done and that is to focus on elevating the quality of his craft instead of lowering the price of his Huaraches. Today Don Salvador and his son Fernando are the only remaining Huaracheros in a town where there used to be a dozen or so and although the high quality of their Huaraches means that their prices are mostly too high to sell on the local markets, over time and with the help of some media exposure the Cisneros have aquired a substantial international and national consumer base and many clients continue returning to purchase their high quality Huaraches.

Below is the Cisnero Huarache ‘Taller’ that used to have horses tied up outside it, as customers stopped to buy Huaraches.

Some Huaraches waiting to be ‘encorejados’.

Salvador and Fernando Cisneros not only make all their Huaraches by hand, but they custom make them to fit. They measure the foot like any bespoke shoe maker and modify their last accordingly to provide their clients with the best fitting Huaraches. Some of their lasts are over 80 years old.

Here is a short sequence of Don Salvador cutting and skiving a perfectly even ‘correa’ (leather strip) by eye.

The Cisnero’s are best known for what I call ‘Picado’ style of Huarache. This design is called ‘Harana al Reves’ (notice the arrows are pointing up). For the first time I was intimidated because I felt only a professional photographer could photograph such wonders adequately.

This one is a tonal ‘Petatillo Voltiado’.

The leather strip on the bottom is called a ‘Fuerza’ and it reinforces the upper, reducing any stretch.

But the Cisnero’s are also very skilled at woven Huarache designs. This one below is a woman’s style called ‘Huarachito de Trencitas’.

Make no mistake this Huarache is made with only one continuous strip of leather and none of the strip is ever glued under the sole. Instead the strip is woven in a circular manner around the last and through holes in the sole to make a sandal that uses no glue, no stitching and no synthetic materials.

This style is called ‘Crucidito’.

This style is the ‘Recargado’.

This below is the classic ‘Petatillo Derecho’.

This one is the ‘Petatillo Voltiado’.

This style is the ‘Rombo’.

The ‘Harana’ (notice the arrows are pointing down).

The ‘Harana Cerrado’ is a very interesting style.

Like all bespoke shoe makers, the Cisneros can make all styles in any colour and using most kinds of leather.

There were many styles that the Cisneros did not have in stock, but they did have a small photo album full of many more fine Huarache styles. Please note that none of these designs have the traditional buckle and strap showing as this part is added last at the final customer fitting of the Huarache.

For any orders for additional information contact the Cisneros at:-

Donato Guerra 8, Concepcion de Buenos Aires, Jalisco 49170, Mexico.

Tel: 01.372.426.0318 – Cell: 045.342.103.3152

To read more about the Cisneros below is an interesting article :-

For the Huarache tourists out there, there are buses that leave Guadalajara ‘Central Vieja’ to and from Concepcion de Buenos Aires. Below are the bus times.

By bus from Mazamitla you get dropped off at the ‘Crucero’ intersection to Concepcion and wait for one of the buses from Guadalajara to pass, so timing is important (or hitch a 15 minute ride into town).


8 Comments on “Huaraches Cisneros, Un Huarache De Lujo – Luxury Huaraches from Concepción de Buenos Aires.”

  1. Raul Gonzalez says:

    Chulada de trabajo ,que Dios Los bendiga

  2. beto says:


  3. que belleza, que belleza! ❤

  4. Tammy Guillory says:

    There is a certain style s Huraches sandles that I wore in the 70’s and wish I could find them. I have checked everywhere and no one can even order them fior me. They were dark brown open toe with a buckle and a tire sole.

  5. Hola, this is a great article and I am wondering if you mind if I use it as the webpage for Salvador who is coming to this year’s Feria Maestros del Arte in November in Chapala, Jalisco? I will give you credit, of course. Have you been to the Feria? If not, you might consider joining us. We are non-profit and bring artists from all corners of Mexico together in one place for buyers and collectors as well as the general public to buy. Check us out http://www.mexicoartshowcom

  6. Christa says:

    Is there a way to contact the Cisneros’s via email to order a pair of shoes or do you have to go there?

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