Mystery Huaraches From Guatemala. Edit – Are Actually Cutarras From Panama!

Don Salvador and Fernando Cisneros Huaracheros from Concepcion de Buenos Aires had this interesting Huarache in their ‘Taller’. A few years ago they were asked to make a series of copies of it for a client, but they knew little more about it except that they thought it came from Guatemala. The design is very interesting as could be one of the first woven Huaraches, marking a transition between the ‘Pata de Gallo’ and modern day Huaraches.

If any readers have seen this kind of Huarache before, please comment on this post so an place of origin and date can be found for this mystery Huarache.

Edit – Thanks to Rigo a reader of Huarache Blog, it turns out these sandals are called Cutarras and are from Panama. Introduced to Panama by the Spanish, Cutarras are still made the same way as early Huaraches were probably made; woven on the foot and not on a last.


10 Comments on “Mystery Huaraches From Guatemala. Edit – Are Actually Cutarras From Panama!”

  1. Vidal, Germán says:

    My father zapatero. He is your thank your visit a Xalapa and invitation to blogg..
    Thak you for you visit.

    Congratulation !
    sorry my english

    Disculpa mi ingles, pero quiero decirte que agradecemos tu visita y esta interesante investigación que llevas a cabo. Felicidades.

  2. Fernando Torres S. says:

    Excelente tu Blog, no he visto otro sitio parecido y la verdad me da gusto que exista alguien preocupado por preservar esta hermosa tradición.

  3. Fernando Torres S. says:

    A propósito de estos huaraches de Guatemala, se ve un diseño antiguo pero es un bonito corte, me parece que rivalizan en estética con cualquier huarache moderno, incluso con los “gladiadores” tan de moda hoy día…

    • huaracheblog says:

      Es verdad y interesante como hay tanta riqueza de diseno en los estilos tradicionales. Es que pocas personas lo vea, porque hoy estamos rodeados de las marcas de moda. Un Saludo.

  4. rigo says:

    These sandals are cutarras of Panama, you have to see, Panama El Proceso de Confección de las Cutarras.

  5. Dr Pedro Fuentes Mendoza says:

    you have to see , abarcas trespuntá de Colombia. Congratulation. Dr. Pedro Fuentes Mendoza

  6. Diane says:

    They had these on the Amazing Race last season, a reality TV show in the US where contestants race around the world. The contestants were in Panama and had to make a pair of these sandals successfully in order to move to the next leg of the race.

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