Huichol Huaraches at the Mercado La Ciudadela in Mexico City.

One of the Huichol crafts  booths in the far corner of the crafts market called Mercado La Ciudadela in Mexico City sells 2 styles of chrome leather Huaraches as worn by the Huichols.

A ‘Cruzado’ design.

And this ‘Colores Patrios’ design.


3 Comments on “Huichol Huaraches at the Mercado La Ciudadela in Mexico City.”

  1. Gavin says:

    The green-and-red Huaraches are super durable. I own two pair. Wore the first everyday for nearly a year and they still held up, except the red laces broke. They are just decoration. Wish I had 10 pair!!! I bought them from a Huichol teenage who sold bead artwork at our restaurant in Yelapa. Leather is thick and durable, better than any other huarache I have owned.

  2. Rosa says:

    I saw them on your blog, fell in love and hurried my last day around the city to finally find them, in a plastic bag, in a corner lowest shelf of the huichol crafts shop. I bought a pair for 200 pesos and told the lady in my broken spanglish how I got there and how happy i was to find them.
    Really nice shoes and when the summer finally breaks here in the Netherlands, I will wear them very happily.

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