Huaraches in Iguala, Guerrero.

The market in the town of Iguala, Guerrero sold a huge variety of Huaraches that came from Guerrero and neighboring Michoacan and Morelos.

Most noticeable was the variety of  ‘Cruzado’ Huaraches.

These leather carved ones are from Iguala.

As are these Huaraches made with snake skin.

These made from rubber inner tubes for working the field.

With ‘Piteado’ style embroidery.

This variant on the ‘cruzado’ style is called ‘De Pico’ Huarache and was made by the Huaracheria owner himself.

Like the ‘Cruzado’ this version can be found a far away as Chiapas and made from a variety of materials including inner tube rubber.

Huaraches are still widely used in this traditional part of Mexico and it was interesting to notice attempts to make Huaraches fit in with modern fashion aesthetic as two cultures meet. The next 3 Huarache designs a good example of this; recently the signature Huarache style from nearby Huetamo in Michoacan was reinterpreted using new colours and new materials. For further reading about this Huarache evolution, please read my previous post titled ‘Los Rojas of Huetamo, a Huarachero Dynasty – Evolving the Huarache of Huetamo’.

Here is a ‘Camo’ textile version of the traditional Huarache style from Huetamo.

And a coloured version.

Then there were these unusual sandal Huaraches called ‘Tapadera’. This version is made using the leather underneath the bulls neck which is supposedly softer.

This design is called the ‘Paloma’.

Lastly there was still a selection of the classic 3,4 and 5 ‘Vuelta’ Huaraches traditional in the Tierra Caliente of Guerrero. Interestingly though most of the 3,4 and 5 ‘Vuelta’ Huaraches for sale in the market are no longer made in the nearby traditional Huarache making ‘Tierra Caliente ‘ towns like Arcelia. Instead the 3,4 and 5 ‘Vuelta’ Huaraches are made much further away in Cautla, Morelos where development of Huarache factories means they are made at lower costs.

The ‘3 Vueltas’ is also know as a ‘Correa Blanca’ for its chrome leather leather from Cautla.

The ‘5 Vueltas’ from Cautla, Morelos.

Comparing a ‘5 Vueltas’ with a ‘4 Vueltas’.

An original ‘5 Vueltas’ from Arcelia, Guerrero which is darker due to the different tanning process using ‘Timbre’ also known as Acacia.


11 Comments on “Huaraches in Iguala, Guerrero.”

  1. jim barnett says:

    Thank you for this post. As a Missionary kid in Teloloapan Guerrero, I grew up wearing 4 turn vueltas, and walked around in later years wearing a pair of Tapaderas made and worn in the sierras around Chilpancingo. Great stuff and I am glad you are documenting it. The 60’s and 70’s were a fascinating time to live in Mexico and I am glad that some of the regional crafts survive yet.

    • huaracheblog says:

      Thanks Jim, I’m glad you found it interesting. The footwear craft of huaraches still survives in many remote Mexican towns and villages. But as the aging Huarachero craftsmen become fewer and fewer and the local tanneries close, its future remains uncertain. Let’s keep out fingers crossed that a renewed interest in this craft can prevent its disappearance.

      • arturo gomez says:

        lamentablemente se viven nuevos tiempos y se va desapareciendo este estilo de huarache en mexico van saliendo nuevos lugares que iniciaron despues de huetamo y cd. altamirano casos como ticul en yucatan y naolinco en veracruz an despegdo de una manera mas sorprendente con nuevos tipos de calzado procesos y hasta una carrea tecnica de produccion de calzado.
        En Xochipala Guerrero empiezan a fabricar zapato de danza , sandalias de moda que venden a zapaterias como giovanna en fin veremos mas tarde donde hay mas exito en Xochi con apenas tres años o en Huetamo saludos

  2. kevin ximello says:

    Me interesan sus modelos de huarache como hago contacto con ustedea, me mandan su telefono. Saludos desde chiapas

  3. Antolin Felipe says:

    Hola cuanto cuesta el huarache pitiado mayoreo

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