Native American Huaraches

In my Huarache research I have often wondered if you could draw an imaginary line across the American continent, separating the traditional use of Moccasins from that of Sandals (Huaraches).

It seems that woven footwear and sandals similar to Huaraches were also used by Native Americans in California and Oregon. This indicates that if a line were drawn it would probably start much further north than the existing US-Mexican border.

These 2 ‘Pata de Gallo’ type sandals are from Mojave and the more southern Chemehuevi in California. The photos are from the Phoebe A Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

The photo below is of Native American sandals from 1932 in Weldon, California.


This is a fascinating 1907 Klamath or Modoc, WOVEN  tule moccasin, from Oregon!


Whether made from leather or natural fibers, these photos are a confirmation that woven footwear was also used by Native Americans in the North West and the South West of present day USA.

The yucca sandal below on the right was found in Zion National Park, Utah and is part of the Zion Park Museum Collection.

The photo above on the left of the woven Klamath-Modoc tule moccasin comes from the Crater Lake Institute.


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