A Quick Huarache Survey.

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As always it gives me great pleasure to see that so many people are interested in Huaraches. Again thank you.


2 Comments on “A Quick Huarache Survey.”

  1. ali says:

    Congratulations for your blog! I am so glad you appreciate and promote our mexican crafts! I was wondering if you have the complete information for one of Casasola photo you have on your blog because I haven`t been able to find it and I need it for a homework, the one of the Peon with huaraches where you can only see the feet and a woodstick. If you do, please can you share it with me or tell me where can I find it please, thank you!!!

    • huaracheblog says:

      Sorry, but I have no other reference for that photo. However try a Google ‘search by image’ search (with an image instead of text), it might sound a little complicated, but its quite easy. Go to google images to search BUT instead of writing a word in the text box click on the small camera symbol on the right side and follow the instructions by pasting the url of the photo which is http://www.studiolum.com/wang/casasola/034-casasola-26.jpg.
      Good luck.

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