Huarache Blog gets Quoted

Toot, toot, toot, is that the sound of a Horn?

Huarache Blog was recently quoted on the Luna Sandals website for saying this about Luna Sandals: “no company has come as close to paying homage to the incredible super-athlete Tarahumara as Luna Sandals.”

This is true, sports companies have in the past named their running products Tarahumara and Raramuri, but none have actually designed product that was otherwise related to the Raramuri.

Luna Sandals has done a fantastic job of developing and promoting not only a new concept in the running footwear market, but also one which is undeniably related to the Raramuri. Luna Sandals has put the Raramuri on the map.

Below is a recently found photo of Luna Sandals founder Ted McDonald and Manual Luna the Raramuri huarachero who showed Ted how to make the Raramuri ‘Pata de Gallo‘ Huarache sandal. The traditional ‘Pata de Gallo‘ Huarache that went on to become the Luna Sandal designs of today.

For more information on Luna Sandals, check out my post titled ‘Luna Sandals – Huaraches For Running

Keep up the good work Luna Sandals.


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