Huaraches in the ‘Mixteca Baja’

The ‘Mixteca’ is a region of Central Mexico which spans across the states of Puebla, Oaxaca and Guerrero. Located in northwest Oaxaca and southwest Puebla is the lowland part of the region known as the ‘Mixteca Baja’, or ‘Tierra Caliente’. In the heart of which are the towns of Huajuapan de Leon and Acatlán de Osorio.

Having already posted on Huajuapan and the decline of the tanning and Huarache craft in a post titled Huaraches Nube Magazine Article. ‘La curtiduria en Huajuapan. Arte en el olvido’, I was familiar to the Oaxacan town by name. Outside the main market in Huajuapan I noticed that there are still a good number of surviving Huaracherias near the main market.

One of the local styles is the ‘Tejido con Pico’ Huarache.

The ‘Tejido con Pico’ differs from the ‘Tejido’ because it has an extra strap in the forefoot.

The most popular style in Huajuapan is the ‘Tres Hebillas’ Huarache, meaning ‘Three Buckles’. Chrome leather is still tanned in Huajuapan.

There is also the ‘Dos Hebillas’ Huarache.

The ‘Tres Vueltas’ Huarache is imported from Cuautla in the nearby state of Morelos. It is the same which is available in Guerrero. The ‘Tres Vueltas’ Huarache has no buckles and the end of the leather strip is simply finished.

The ‘Quatro Vueltas’ Huarache also from Cuautla, Morelos.

The ‘Playero’ Huarache.

A really nice design was the ‘Trabo’ Huarache also known as the ‘Dobliado’ Huarache from Southern Oaxaca.

The ‘Playero’ Huarache from also from Southern Oaxaca.

One hour north of Huajuapan is the town of Acatlán de Osorio in Southern Puebla. Here in the main market is a hall filled with Huaraches.

The local styles are mostly ‘Cross Strap’ and ‘Tejido’ Huaraches which are popular in the State of Puebla and Southern Veracruz.

A local Huarache signature detail is a smaller sized insole.

Notice the reversed buckle strap design.

This style called ‘Petatillo’ Huarache is essentially a modified version of the local ‘Tejido’ Huarache.


4 Comments on “Huaraches in the ‘Mixteca Baja’”

  1. Pedro Fuentes Mendoza says:

    Felicidades excelente blog. Invito a todos los niños y jóvenes de México a calzar huaraches de cuero . Los huaraches son la prenda más apegada a la tradición prehispánica y símbolo de mexicanidad. Es un orgullo para todos los hombres auténticamente mexicanos calzar huaraches.

  2. Alan says:

    Los Huaraches En La Derecha ?

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