Huaraches in Cuautla

The Mexican State of Morelos has a few Huarache making centers, namely the City of Cuautla and the town of Jojutla.

The men’s Huaraches from Cuatla are exported to all the central Mexican States as far a Guerrero. Although the majority of Huaraches made in Cuautla are ‘Cross Strap’ styles made from a variety of leathers, the Huaracherias at the central market in Cuautla sell a good range including woven designs.

On the other hand women’s Huaraches for sale in Cuautla are all imported from other Mexican States.

These Huaraches from Guerrero, are called ‘Guitarra’ and are painted in bright colours to appeal to a less traditional consumer.

A very rare sandal that can still be found in the main market of the city of Cuautla is the ‘Cacle’. A very ancient design, the ‘Cacle’ originates in pre-Hispanic Mexico and the word means sandal in Nahuatl.

More than 500 years on, ‘Cacles’ are still made in the nearby towns of Hueyapan and San Felipe Tepemaxalco.

‘Cacles’ are made from woven Ixtle fibres, from the Maguey/Agave plant. Incredibly a pair of ‘Cacles’ which takes about 2 days to make, costs only 80 Mexican Pesos.


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