Huaraches and Burras from the Bajío – Irapuato, Salamanca, Celaya and Acámbaro

In the south of Guanajuato State is the agricultural area know as The Bajío (lowlands).

The Huaraches and Burras for sale at the main Market in Irapuato were mainly from neighboring Michoacan.

20 minutes further east in Salamanca, Huaraches also mostly came from Michoacan.

In Celaya there was a broad selection of Huaraches from central and eastern Mexico.

These ‘Petatillo’ Huaraches from nearby Dolores Hidalgo.

The ‘Armadillo’ Huaraches is sold in 2 versions, one open and one closed.

A common style around the Bajío is the ‘Capellada’ Huarache (Capellada means ‘Vamp’).

In Acámbaro the ‘Capellada’ Huarache is also sold closed.


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