Huaraches from Miahuatlán, Oaxaca

Miahuatlán is an important commercial center 2 hours west from Oaxaca. Market day is Monday and most of the town center is fills up with stalls. In Miahuatlán the cross-strap Huaraches are the most popular style. They are known as Huaraches ‘Acapulceños’, or Huaraches ‘Oaxaqueños’ and their price ranges from the 40 Pesos rubber Huarache ‘de campo’, to the 400 Pesos finely crafted variety.

Most men around Miahuatlán wear this leather Huarache version below.

There are also fashion styles like this Huarache made using Denim. Like Huaraches in Huetamo Michoacan, this is an interesting design direction by Senor Roberto the Huarachero, to attract new consumers.

And there are also crafted versions like this Huarache ‘con pelo’, made local Huarachero Senor Galdino, with a finely braided border detail.

In Miahuatlán cross-strap Huaraches come in many shapes and sizes, for adults and children.

Both with delicate details and heavy duty construction.


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