My Running Huarache Sandals Evolution Revised

A few weeks ago I posted photos of my Running Huarache Sandal Evolution design, with recessed strap grooves in the sole. This groove design in the sole permits the use of straps made from many materials, because it eliminates the abrasive ground contact between strap and running surface.

On the latest latest revision of my Running Huarache Sandals I have added polyester straps salvaged from a used basketball jersey. This jersey mesh material is not only softer and much more breathable than the salvaged bicycle tyre inner tube rubber I was using, but polyester also wicks moisture away from the skin, providing a new level of comfort.

I expect the jersey mesh will probably stretch a little over time, but the straps can easily be tightened when the time comes.

This ongoing study in barefoot running footwear is proving interesting for 2 reasons.

1. I’ve been able to systematically develop my understanding of natural running footwear and what is functionally necessary and essential.

2. It provides an insight into the emerging design philosophy of democratization. In this case the democratization of running footwear, footwear which is available, affordable and can be made according to precise consumer requirements.

Today’s run was cooler than yesterday’s.

…..And my most recent version with a 3mm vegetable tanned leather footbed. I altered the forefoot strapping layout to keep the sole slightly closer to my foot.


And my latest pair using an old cotton t-shirt for the straps.


7 Comments on “My Running Huarache Sandals Evolution Revised”

  1. La Gazza Ladra says:

    Amazing idea!. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gary Allman says:

    I looked back to see if you’d posted about the sole construction, but I couldn’t find anything. I can see three layers – the middle layer (by the look of it) is blue camp mat. What are you using for soling?

    I prefer a textured layer for the footbed to reduce slippage in the wet, how are you finding the smooth finish?

    • huaracheblog says:

      Hi Gary, the sole is made from 4 parts. In hindsight this number of layers seem excessive, but those were the materials I was able to salvage.

      Having said that every layer serves a function :-

      1. The top layer is some scrap leather (black) for comfortable skin contact.
      2. The second is scrap 2mm foam (brown) for minimal cushioning.
      3. The third layer is scrap polypropylene (blue) to promote a mid-foot strike by keeping my foot flatter as I run. It also protects my feet from stones.
      4. The fourth layer is scrap aircraft inner-tube rubber.

      I don’t run in the rain for precisely that reason, but I haven’t come across a textured footbed either. Having said that it doesn’t rain much in the mornings in Mexico.

      These last few days its been raining a lot, but I’m at the beach and have been running barefoot, its great!

  3. Lucy says:

    I really like the design and the use of webbing you did for your huaraches, I particularly liked the last pair with the added forefoot strapping layout, do you have any more photographs of those sandals, I am struggling a bit with getting the webbing through the holes in the right order…

    • huaracheblog says:

      Dear Lucy, I would encourage you to improvise the weaving and see what works best for you. I now use a weave that I think works better.

      Check out the updated post for my latest pair I made cutting an old t-shirt for the straps.

      Only problem is the cotton is a bit more abrasive than polyester and tends to rub off.

      • Lucy says:

        Thanks for the additional photo, I do experiment a little bit, I have made 3 pairs and I am trying with different laces ,and layouts. because my foot is long and narrow (I hope that will change soon with lot more barefoot walking) the sandals were always problematic for me, but it is getting better, my latest material I used following your idea of polyester shirt webbing, is pair of tights which is very nice on the skin and surprisingly strong. I am not sure how long it will last. but it is a pleasure to wear. thank you.

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