Huaraches in Cuetzalan del Progreso

Cuetzalan del Progreso is a small market town tucked away in the northern mountains of Puebla.

The traditional footwear of this area is the ‘Pata de Gallo’ Huarache also known as the ‘Tres Piquetes’. As with many other indigenous Mexican traditions some local women still walk barefoot.

Similar to the ‘Pata de Gallo’ Huarache of the Raramuri/Tarahumara and the Huichol, the Huarache in Northern Puebla differs in that the leather strip is woven twice through the forefoot and usually requires no knot.

There is also another local ‘Pata de Gallo’ design variation and it includes a ‘Pechera’ flap over the arch and a ‘Rosadera’ strap on the heel.

When a Huarache sole wears down it is usual for a heel to be added.

You can get your ‘Pata de Gallo’ Huaraches made at 3 stands during the busy Sunday market and they cost about 80 Pesos per pair. The Huaraches all come with a thick vegetable tanned leather insole nailed over the the standard car tyre outsole.

There are also a few other varieties of Huaraches for sale in Cuetzalan that are also found in towns across the state of Puebla.

These ‘Tejido’ Huaraches caught my eye because the leather strip was not woven through the traditional ‘grapas’ (staples).

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  1. meligrosa says:

    que hermosuraaaaaa! muchas gracias x compartir ❤

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