Huaraches in Teocuitatlán de Corona

Like neighboring Amacueca and Concepción de Buenos Aires, Teocuitatlán de Corona is also well known for its Huarache traditions. Also a few hours south from Guadalajara, Teocuitatlán is a well preserved, small and quiet country town.

There are only 2 remaining Huaracheros in Teocuitatlán and one Huaracheria, this isn’t so bad if you consider that only one barber remains.

One Huarachero Sr. Manuel Vargas in la calle Morelos # 4, his ‘taller’ workshop just off the central plaza, opposite the church.

The Huarache style in Teocuitatlán de Corona is consistent with the Southern Jalisco natural leather and white ‘Oscaria’ blocking. The pair below also has a ‘Pico’ style sole shape as found in nearby Atoyac.

Below on the right is the animal fat that is used to lubricate the ‘correa’ leather strip before weaving.

Next door is a Huaracheria that sells ‘Pachuco’ Huaraches and this ‘Santa Anna’ Huarache also found in northern Jalisco.

2 blocks from the Plaza works Sr. Jose Vidrio. His workshop has been open since 1948, but Sr. Jose Vidrio has been making Huaraches for even longer!

Nowadays Sr. Jose Vidrio still makes Huaraches, but mostly he says “to keep himself busy”.

He has an interesting selection of miniature Huarache styles to choose from for your custom made pair.

With details abound, Sr. Jose Vidrio’s workshop is full of stories.

The walls are also proudly covered with football memorabilia connected to Sr. Jose Vidrio’s international soccer playing son Manuel Vidrio.

Half of Sr. Jose Vidrio’s children live abroad, from Peru to Hawaii and all know how to make Huaraches.


2 Comments on “Huaraches in Teocuitatlán de Corona”

  1. Kim says:

    I am seeking women’s hard soled huaraches with nails that make a lot of noise that I would want to use for zapateado dancing. Where are the best and loudest huaraches made?

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