The Art of the Pihuamo Huarache

I was lucky to find these unfinished Huaraches from Huarachero Juan Saucedo at the Mercado Dan Juan de Dios in Guadalajara.

Working out of his Huaracheria in spaces 452-1048 since 1965, the protagonist of many Mexican press articles on the craft of Huaraches and with multiple academic degrees, Senor Saucedo is a remarkable Huaracehero.

Known as the ‘Tamazula’, or the ‘Pihuamo’ from the towns where they are traditionally made, I noticed this pair of Huaraches hanging at the back of his Huaracheria wall and realized how the artistic expression of the Huarache comes alive in it’s abstract form without sole.


One Comment on “The Art of the Pihuamo Huarache”

  1. Jose Alfredo says:

    beautiful ART, i love them. And actually I am from Guadalajara and I always go to San Juan de Dios to buy my huaraches. I love them

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