Patina – Huaraches and Sunshine

Like wine, Huaraches get better with age. You grow an attachment to Huaraches as they change and age with you, molding to the shape of your foot and slowly changing to a rich dark honey colour. An example of  this colour change can be seen on this pair of Huaraches Doble (also known as Recargado) made by Huaraches Martinez in Mazamitla, Jalisco.

The more sunshine Vegetable Tanned leather is exposed to, the darker the leather becomes. This finish is called Patina and is much sought after on luxury leather goods such as Louis Vuitton bags.

The Patina found on Vegetable Tanned leathers is usually due to the photo-oxidation of the fats and oils absorbed by the leather from the tanning process.

Below is a new pair of Doble Huaraches

and an older pair of the same design with a dark Patina due to sun exposure.

Unfortunately most times, even resoled Huaraches age faster than we do, and eventually the leather will tear and break. It’s an interesting moment as you take a deep breath and throw that pair of old Huaraches away, thinking back to all that you have done and walked.


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