Huaraches in the Mercado de Abastos, Oaxaca

Although visitors to Oaxaca mostly visit the central markets for crafts and souvenirs, there are many Huaracherias tucked deep inside the sprawling main Oaxaca market, called Mercado de Abastos.

Inside the Mercado de Abastos there are a large variety of Huaraches and plenty of light to see all the crafted details.

Unlike the other markets in Oaxaca at the Mercado de Abastos you can also see Huaracheros making Huaraches. Most of the Huaracheros and Huaracherias have been here for over 40 years.

Most Oaxacan Huaraches have unique marking designs on the leather, this is called “Marcado”.

There were some interesting “Sachileno” Huaraches with 4 and 6 “Pasadas”.

Some elegant “Tejido” Huaraches.

Also a variety of “Cacles”, both fashion designs

And the traditional “Cacles” that are nowadays very hard to find anywhere in Mexico.


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