Señor Alfaro Ramirez – The Last Remaining Hurachero in Sayula, Jalisco

Señor Alfaro is 70 years old and the last Huarachero in Sayula, Jalisco. Although his woven Huaraches have won him awards in regional craft competitions, today like may Huaracheros his business has become very difficult. Although Señor Alfaro has done very well to stay in a trade where many have quit, he melancholically tells me that Huarache making is a craft headed for extinction and that he has advised all his family not to get into it.

Sadly most towns in Mexico have at most one Huarachero left, whereas 30 years ago each town used to have many. Señor Alfaro told me that at one time 90% of Sayula locals wore Huaraches and 10% wore shoes, today that ratio is inverted and only 10% wear Huaraches.

But besides the reduced consumer base, there are 2 major difficulties facing skilled Huaracheros today, the rising costs of vegetable tanned leather and rubber tyres, and that very few Mexicans are prepared to pay the equivalent of US$30-US$60 for footwear, especially if it isn’t branded.

But if you’re looking for some new high quality Huaraches and want to learn more about how they’re crafted, Señor Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez’s welcomes you to visit his ‘Taller’ workshop only a few blocks from the main Plaza in Sayula, Jalisco.

The workshop is located at:-

Prisciliano Sanchez No.160

Sayula, Jalisco, Mexico

(+52) 342.421.0356

Remember that you won’t find any Huaraches made as finely as Señor Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez’s in any Mexican Market or High Street.

Some of Señor Alfaro’s Huarache designs include the ‘Finito Recargado’. Notice how every weave on the vamp overlaps the next.

Simpler ‘Recargado’ Huaraches with ‘adornos’ detailing. As well as complex weaves many Huaraches used to be embellished with stitching and rivets (some as big as a nickel). Such Huaraches were sometimes referred to as “para domiguear”, which loosely translated means “to Sunday in”.

Some ‘Arañita’ Huaraches

‘Petatillo’ Huaraches

And ‘Zapatilla’ Huaraches


7 Comments on “Señor Alfaro Ramirez – The Last Remaining Hurachero in Sayula, Jalisco”

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  2. Suzanne Johnson says:

    I would like a pair of Hurachero’s how can i order a pair..

    • huaracheblog says:

      You can give him a phone call, or visit his workshop located at:-

      Prisciliano Sanchez No.160

      Sayula, Jalisco, Mexico

      (+52) 342.421.0356

      • Suzanne Johnson says:

        Can he take orders over the internet–I am in Virginia USA

      • huaracheblog says:

        I’m not sure if he uses the internet, you’ll have to ask him.

        P.S. you can find a detailed list of Huaraches and Huaracheros on The Huarache Directory HERE, or for Huarache Retailers that you can contact online check out the Huarache Blog Facebook page HERE

  3. Regina Brown says:

    Hello my name is Regina Brown I live in the United States I would like to have a pair of huaraches can you please send me the address for to order two pairs size 10 lady’s. I would like a pair with the thick sole I use to have a pair back in the 70&80s I would love to have a pair. Thanks.

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