Manuel y Ramon Rodriguez, The Huarachero Brothers of San Gabriel, Jalisco

The small farming town of San Gabriel sits on fertile plains just North of the Nevado de Colima. Market day is on Monday when the locals stock up with their week’s supplies. The market however doesn’t sell Huaraches. For those, the people of San Gabriel go to the workshop of Manuel and Ramon Rodriguez the last remaining Huaracheros in San Gabriel.




Their ‘Petatillo’ Huaraches design has a regional brick weave design different from the ‘Petatillo’ Huarache from the southern Guadalajara area.



The ‘Aranita’ Huarache.



The ‘Aranita’ Huarache design comes in different leather weave thicknesses depending on use and price.


Another ‘Petatillo’ Huarache variant.


A ‘Zapatilla’ Huarache.


And two ‘Petatillo al Reves’ Huaraches.


All of the Rodriguez’s Huarache designs also come in children’s sizes.


Women’s styles include the ‘Mariposa’ Huaraches




and the ‘Cadena’ Huaraches, all made strictly from one continuous leather weave.



San Gabriel makes a nice day trip especially on Monday market day and while you’re there be sure to visit the Huarache workshop of Manuel y Ramon Rodriguez a few blocks from the central plaza at:-

Independencia #15,

San Gabriel, Jalisco

For orders and further information contact Manuel y Ramon Rodriguez Blas at Tel: 343.427.0298.

2 Comments on “Manuel y Ramon Rodriguez, The Huarachero Brothers of San Gabriel, Jalisco”

  1. gregory suber says:

    send information on how i can purchase your products

    • huaracheblog says:

      Hi Gregory, thanks for you interest in Huaraches.

      But this is research blog, documenting a rare footwear tradition that is disappearing and not a retail page.

      However if you scroll to the bottom of this page you can contact the artisans directly and ask them how to purchase the sandals you like.

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