úkata – Coming Soon

For the past 3 years Huarache Blog has been documenting and promoting the craft of Mexican Huarache footwear. This year I will also be developing a specialty e-trade business to offer more immediate support to the craft of Huaraches.

ukata coming soon WP

Introducing úkata, an online Huaracheria selling only the best Huaraches in Mexico. Rare designs crafted by the most talented Huaracheros. Timeless Huarache styles that have been made the same way by the artisan and his family for generations. Footwear with a low environmental impact, made with naturally processed and recycled materials.

Click back in February for a more detailed post on úkata and to visit the online store.


Durante los últimos 3 años Blog Huarache ha estado documentando y promoviendo la artesanía de los Huaraches Mexicanos. Este año voy iniciar un negocio de comercio internet para ofrecer un apoyo más inmediato a los Huaracheros y a la artesanía de los Huaraches Mexicanos.

Presentando úkata una Huaracheria en línea de los mejores Huaraches en México. Huaraches excepcionales hechos por los mejores Huaracheros.

Si algúno Huaracheros talentosos quieran vender sus huaraches en el internet, por favor pónganse en contacto con Huarache Blog escribiendo un comentario con sus correo eléctronico en la parte inferior de este artículo (Enter your comment here…).

6 Comments on “úkata – Coming Soon”

  1. Mohacks@gmail.com says:

    I want a pair!

  2. Paleotool says:

    Reblogged this on Paleotool's Weblog and commented:
    An interesting and excellent business idea. Maybe this will help keep the huaracheros’ tradition alive.

  3. John Sanchez says:

    Yes! It is so hard to find huaraches here in the U.S. Even finding huaraches online can be hard, because even though some companies do sell them online, there is just not a lot variety to choose from. Hopefully they offer some huaraches from the state of Jalisco, from the Northern part, that is where my grandparents were from.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Will you also sell them locally in mexico? I really want to get a Pihuamo pair.

    • huaracheblog says:

      úkata Huaraches will be sold to consumers in every country besides Italy which unfortunately has postage restrictions on importing all types of footwear. I’ll keep your request in mind, the Pihuamo is a very good style.

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