Don Vincente and Don Lucas – Huaracheros From Atoyac, Jalisco

Vincente Torres Perez and Jacinto Lucas De La Cruz are the last remaining Huaracheros in Atoyac, Jalisco.

The Huaraches in Atoyac have the distinctively pointed soles. Srs. Torres and Lucas make many styles and their most popular are the “Tejido” in the “Finito” (fine weave) version.



The “Tejido Sencillo” Huarache with the “Fuerza” strip of leather on the toe.


And the “Tejido Sencillo” Huarache.



They also refurbish old Huaraches, something I have never seen before. In this case the customer wanted to keep the original leather sole and an new upper was woven into it.


All their Huaraches are made using the same traditional techniques using wooden mesquite lasts.


Many Huaraches are also made to measure.


All the strips of leather are softened in oil and water and left to dry overnight before weaving.


The workshop “Taller” where Don Vincente and Don Lucas work is about as authentic as it gets.


A cool open space with adobe walls and a thatched roof, old wooden tools and vegetable tanned leathers abounding.




They still had a child’s version to the traditional field Huarache the “Alcapoyo”. This Huarache style is one of the oldest and simplest styles. The likely successor of the “Pata de Gallo” and the design bridging that to the complex woven ones we see today.


For orders Don Vincente and Don Lucas can be reached at the following NEW number: 372.410.2115


5 Comments on “Don Vincente and Don Lucas – Huaracheros From Atoyac, Jalisco”

  1. alex says:

    hi, i think,the right name to “alcapoyo” is “orcapollo”,word came from “ahorca
    pollos” excelente blog saludos!!

    • huaracheblog says:

      Thanks. I’m not good at distinguishing the ll sound from y. Interestingly “Ahorca Pollo” means Chicken Hanger (as in strangler) and tie’s in well with the “Pata de Gallo” (Rooster Foot) Huarache name.

  2. Heriberto says:

    tienen algun correo eletronico donde contactarlos? aparte de numero de telefono? gracias

  3. Loredana says:

    I would love to purchase a pair of your tejido Sencillo hurache…i live in you ship to canada and how much do they cost?

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