Huaraches in Talpa de Allende, Jalisco

Talpa de Allende is another pretty Mexican Mountain town and a good place to escape the summer heat. The town is famous for its Virgin of Talpa Shrine that attracts many pilgrims, Chitle the original pre-hispanic chewing gum made from the local Zapote rubber trees and its Huaraches.


With a good flow of tourists in Talpa de Allende and because tourists are always been eager to buy local crafts as souvenirs, the local Huaracheros haven’t struggled as much as in other parts of Mexico. It was refreshing to see the rare sight of young Huarache making artisans in a small workshop/store at one side of the main church.


The typical Talpa Huaraches have a distinct “grain ear” weave and a very short tongue.

The same style is made with more, or fewer weaves and with a strap for the traditional field working design.




The more rugged field version with strap has big staples securing the insole to the outsole. This is because it uses fewer nails.


The soles are constructed in an unusual way where the insole and outsole are first nailed and stapled together after which the huarache upper is woven on. Notice that there are no nails in the sole near the woven parts of the Huaraches.




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