IX Style – Huaraches for Clean Water

IX Style is a new socially conscious fashion brand that currently sells Mayan style Huaraches, while donating 15% of profits to provide clean drinking water to Guatemalan communities that have none.

IX  pronounced “eeks”, is the Mayan word for water.

Started earlier this year,  IX Style will turn 15%  profits to affiliated charities in Guatemala that run projects which create water filtration systems and wells. Not only does this initiative aim to offer a healthier life, but also to reduce the time spent collecting precious water from distant sources. Thereby providing people with more time to study, or work and a better chance to break the poverty cycle.


ix Huaraches

For more info check out the IX Style website HERE


A few weeks ago Bill Gates mentioned the importance of prioritizing the development and distribution of technology for basic things like “child survival” in the third world, over the projects of global connectivity proposed by Mark Zuckerberg and Google.

Although its hard to side with his point of view because essentially all help is good help. From the comfort of our smartphone interconnected world its also hard to imagine the daily hardships endured by about 90% of the world’s population. Its hard to imagine the hours spent walking for miles just to collect dirty water, or fire wood to cook with. How can anyone find time to study, work and least of all surf the web, when so much time is dedicated to the most basic needs?

And just the other day when I wanted to add a Huarachero to the online  The Huarache Directory, surprisingly he told me he didn’t have a phone, let alone access to the internet. It never occurred to me that the average daily wage in Mexico is about US$4 per day, which means that some Mexicans are working for even less (like many people around the world). So assuming the internet will one day penetrate to the deepest and remotest parts of the planet, the question is will those living there be able to afford access to it?

2 Comments on “IX Style – Huaraches for Clean Water”

  1. Tim May says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “eesh” in Mayan languages.

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