FOURTH ARRIVALS – The úkata “Tamazula” by Huaraches Solano – The Last Tamazulas in Mexico

These “Tamazula” Huaraches are a real rarity and are today made on request by only one Huarachero in Mexico. I have been fortunate to be able to order a limited number of Men’s sizes and have them for sale in my úkata store which you can access clicking the VISIT MY STORE icon in the top right of this page.

Finding the Huarachero after seeing a pair of his Huaraches for sale in Tamazula, Jalisco (see that post HERE) was a real investigation, especially as he doesn’t even live near Tamazula and understandably none of the Huaracheria owners in Tamazula were willing to tell me his name either.

Solano 34 Loose Solano Front 34 Loose Solano Leg

And even after find him, Sr. Solano the huarachero never gave me his phone number. Although each time I visited him I always found him busy weaving Huaraches, with his seemingly busy huarache making schedule I was surprised to discover that he only makes Huaraches part time.

Like most Huaracheros he has his own workshop, his lasts, his sewing machine and has his local clients, but surprisingly most of his time is taken up as the caretaker of his local church. Its a mystery to me why a Huarachero of such talent chooses caretaking work over making his remarkable Huaraches. Thoughts of miracles, vows and answered prayers go through my mind, but maybe for Sr. Solano money and Huaraches aren’t everything, after all he’s also well into his 70’s.

IMG_0053IMG_0054 IMG_0069IMG_0050

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It was touching to hear Sr. Solano talk about putting love into making his Huaraches, a philosophy so distant from today’s monetization and commodification culture even amongst other Mexican Huaracheros. Its clear that for Sr. Solano focusing on service and quality is very important. Maybe that’s why he offered to make me only 6 pairs of his unique “Tamazula” Huaraches, because he realistically didn’t have time to make me more.

Interestingly Sr. Solano’s Huaraches are made using vegetable tanned leather from Curtiduria Gonzalez in Colima. Sr. Solano is one of those crafts persons I wrote about who travel across state just to buy the right leather. Because not every leather can be cut so thinly so as to make his “Tamazula” 16 Vuelta Huaraches.


I’m also excited for this rare opportunity to show you in detail the tanning process of the leather of these “Tamazula” Huaraches. Its not often that consumers are able to witness the tanning of the leather in their products. Check out the “Tamazula” Huarache artisanal tanning process HERE

Like all good Huaraches the “Tamazula” sole is made from only the central/tread part of a recycled car tire (although the sole tread patterns are matched, the design on your pair of Huaraches may differ from the one in the photo).

The Huarache “Tamazula” is made entirely by hand and uses no glue.

The mysterious green colouring on the toe is a unique and traditional detail of the Tamazula Huarache. When I asked why it was there, I was told “that’s the way its always been”.

The fit of the “Tamazula” is little wide and are perfect if you have wide feet, or are a half size.

$30 DHL shipping to USA, Canada and Mexico.

6 Comments on “FOURTH ARRIVALS – The úkata “Tamazula” by Huaraches Solano – The Last Tamazulas in Mexico”

  1. Charlie Ratigan says:

    I saw a beautiful huarache called Tejido Fino in the Blog. The sole, rather than being made of rubber,
    was made of thick leather. Billed as a huarache from Tamazula, I do not know if this particular huarache was woven by Sr. Solano. I would like to contact the actual weaver and inquire as to his address for mailing, ask about what sizes he can handle, and rough pricing. I do speak Spanish. What help/advice can you offer?

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